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With more than 75 authors published, and a community of 700+ writers, we are millennials in the publishing industry who have curated some of the finest pocket friendly value for money publishing solutions. Directed by Mr. Deepanshu Gupta, who himself is an author of three books, we are the publishing house who has already been in your shoes, and thus we know the hardships you have faced and the solutions you are looking forward to.

What do we offer?

Empowered with the love and support of writers, we have brought together the following under our publishing house!

Book Publishing

From editing to designing, from printing to distribution and marketing, we have a range of services for authors which we customize as per the requirements of the author.


We have created a community of writers who read and write together on our web-platform to promote the greater good. We offer certain member only exclusive benefits like merchandise, blogging spaces, low cost book publishing to name a few.

Contests & Events

We organize various online and offline writing contests and events to bring together the writing community and keep literature alive.

Book Publishing Process

At First

Publishing Plan

We have created a comprehensive publishing plan for you, with multiple customizations available to suit your budget and requirements. The detailed publishing plan is given below, with nothing left out. You can discuss the same with us and proceed further.


Publishing Work

After you finalize a publishing plan with us, we sign a publishing contract with you and start the work on your book, as per the services you select! At each step your inputs are necessary and we make sure to incorporate them in the work.


Book Release

Once the work is complete, the book is released via the distribution channels you select. Our marketing team makes sure to make it reach out to the correct audience and our support team makes sure to provide you all the support before, during and after the publication of your book.

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We publish books in all languages, multiple languages. We publish fiction, non-fiction, poetry, eductational & textbooks, thesis, anthologies and everything else you have written.

Each aspect is covered by us taking into consideration both your budget and requirements. We have crafted our publishing solutions at all fronts in a manner which makes them a value for money proposition.

We offer value for money self-publishing options to authors across the country in which they get extensive coverage, guidance and support and can publish their book for as low as INR 5,000.

Get published with writersgram publications

Our Publishing Plan

With our publishing solutions, you get a wide range of services from our end in terms of editing, designing, marketing support and guidance. You can customize what all you require after considering your budget and requirements, and leave the rest of the things to us! Starting from guiding you about the content of your book, to unlimited rounds of reviews in editing, designing and extensive marketing options, this is the plan perfect for you if you wish to take your book to the next level and stand out from the rest.

Core Basic Services

These services are essential & mandatory to be selected in order to get any book published. The charges for Core Basic Services are INR 5,000 (inclusive of taxes)

To make the entire process transparent and legally sound, a publishing contract will be signed between us which will cover all the aspects like services provided, costing, royalty, time duration etc.

Each book is supposed to have an ISBN number and a barcode. We assign ISBN and Barcode to each book we publish.

For the interior design of the books, we follow the top-notch industry practices being followed worldwide in respect of each language.

If the content of the book is its heart, the cover design is its brain. A book cannot do well without either. We design premium covers for our books using the author’s imagery and the theme and title of the book. Our covers speak out loud what the book is going to offer and are very well liked by our readers. From illustrations to stock images, from paintings to real life photos, we use anything and everything to create the perfect cover for your book.

We have tie ups with 4 printingpresses in India which helps us keep pace with the ever increasing printing demands and maintain the top-notch quality we are committed to provide.

We sell and distribute the books via online channels like Amazon and Flipkart. These are India’s biggest bookstores!

We follow a PRINT ON DEMAND model which means that books are printed as orders are received. As soon as any order is received, it is sent to printing press and printed and fulfilled. This provides the following benefits:

– Unlimited inventory (whether 100 or 10,000 orders are received, all are fulfilled at no extra cost, and the book never runs out of stock)

– No huge investments (you don’t have to invest time and money in print runs)

We have certain extended distribution tie-ups which take books to offline places like events, donation drives, etc. Currently, we are providing international availability of only English Titles through amazon.com

The feeling of holding your book in your hands always remains fresh, no matter it is your 1st book or the 10th. We shall provide you a few complimentary copies of the book. Besides that, during the entire duration of our agreement, the book shall always be available to you at the cost price itself.

While our project managers, editors and designers get busy with working on your books, our top executives make sure to remain in touch with you on a one to one basis to extend you all the required support and guidance during and after the publishing process.

We provide 100% of the profits derived from the sale of each copy as the royalty to the author. With us, you get to decide your own profit amount and set the selling price of the book. We share sales report on 60-90 days period basis after collecting reports from various channels and distributors we work with.


These services are optional in nature, but highly recommended to be opted for since a properly edited book is a key to a reader's heart.

This stage is copy-editing, which is the process of making a book grammatically correct. Our editors shall review the book for spellings, grammar, punctuation and suggest the changes to you which you shall be able to accept or reject. We are committed to make your book as error free as possible, however we believe it’ll always be our combined effort and responsibility.

Charges: INR 2,500 (inclusive of taxes)

This stage is content editing which is the process wherein we study your content (be it poetry, fiction, non-fiction) and suggest and make improvements in that. We study the storyline, the characters, the sequeneces and accordingly suggest and make changes in that. In case of poetry, we study the completeness, the rhyming, the overall meaning of the poetry and suggest and make changes to add value to the same. For non-fiction, we study the presented facts and suggest and make improvements in the overall content.

Charges: INR 5,000 (inclusive of taxes)


These services are optional in nature, but highly recommended to make sure that your book reaches out to the correct audience in the correct manner.

This level covers social media marketing for your book and includes the following:

1. Book posters and video

We prepare and release premium posters and video which increases the reader participation in the book at the various stages like pre-release, release, post – release of the book.

2. Book theme campaign

We create and run a campaign on social media based on the theme of your book. This campaign is designed to increase reader participation in the form of the readers sharing their views and stories based on the theme. The best stories and views are posted on our featured blog on the website as an incentive to the reader. This is highly effective to maximize reader participation.

3. Social Media Live sessions

We conduct one live session with the author on the social media which is comfortable to the author to build his/ her online presence and add to author branding. This includes direct interaction with readers which leaves a good impact on the sale of the book.

4. Personalized message from author campaign

We run a campaign wherein selected readers who either post a review on Amazon or share their photograph with the book on social media gets a personalized message from the author in the form of either a handwritten letter, a postcard or a phonecall even. This greatly motivates the readers to engage with the author and purchase the books.

5. A blogging space and featured profile to author

We will provide a featured profile and blogging space to the author on our website www.writersgram.com


Charges: INR 2,500 (inclusive of taxes)

This level covers the following aspects:

1. A review by book bloggers and reviewers

We send a copy of your book to book bloggers and reviewers who post a review of your book on online channels and their personal blogs and social media channels. This spreads an immediate buzz among the readers since these bloggers are already highly influential and hold a great command over their audience.

2. Gift card campaign

We run a gift card campaign for fifteen days wherein a lucky reader who makes a purchase and posts a review online stands a chance to win Amazon gift vouchers.

3. Sponsored advertisements

We use Instagram’s algorithm and run sponsored advertisements on the platform for ten days to make the book reach among a larger audience. This particular campaign has shown tremendous results and books have reached to audiences as large as 5,00,000 people. The advertisement is in the form of a poster of the book which includes a link to purchase the book and is boosted by Instagram’s algorithm. We have created some highly targeted audiences to make sure the advertisements reach the correct audience to maximize results.

4. Giveaway campaign

We run a book giveaway campaign in which signed copies of the book are given away to selected readers upon participation in a small contest. This increases reader participation, builds branding of the author, creates buzz about the book and leads to sales eventually.

Charges: INR 15,000 (inclusive of taxes)

This level covers the following aspects:

1. Availability of the book in offline bookstores

We have tie-ups with distributors and book-stores like crosswords, oxford, om book shop etc wherein we place the books of the author across the major cities and stores in the country.

The pricing for offline stores starts from Rs. 30,000

2. PR & Media Coverage

We use tools like press releases, interviews, author profiling with leading newspapers and magazines like Times of India, Hindustan Times, DNA, The Hindu, Forbes, NDTV, Dainik Bhaskar etc to promote the book and the author.

The pricing for PR and Media coverage starts from Rs. 15,000

3. Book Launch events

We also organize book launch events in all major cities like Jaipur, Udaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi etc. These events include inviting media, social media promotion, anchor, photography, audience, stage sound & mic systems etc. A launch event is a great way to give a headstart to your book.

The charges of book launch event vary from city to city and start from Rs. 15,000

4. Others

We have a range of other offline & extended marketing options like talk shows in colleges & schools, author interviews, blog tours, seminars etc. These are some highly successful strategies to build a long lasting relationship with the readers.

The pricing for these services is provided on request.

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We are offering a discount of upto 50% for school and undergraduate students!

Mention the same in the author profile section by clicking on the button below to avail discount.

You can publish your book with us for as low as Rs. 5,000 and scale up according to your needs and requirements. The average time taken for publishing a book is 1-2 months, again it depends upon the length of your book and the level of services you opt for. Whatever level of services you select to go with, one thing remains unchanged which is our dedication and commitment to put in all the efforts we can in publishing and marketing your book, to make you realize the dream you associate with your book. We are a publishing house started by a writer, for writers! We at Writersgram believe in creating a community of writers who walk and stand tall together and we know that together we can achieve all our dreams in this regard.


To discuss the proposal and go ahead with publishing with us, you can contact us in any of the following ways:

Email: publications@writersgram.com

Phone: +91 8447368249

WhatsApp: +91 8447368249

What Our Authors Say!

I had a dream which was faraway from me, I kept it in a safe and secured box in my heart and believed someday it would turn into a reality. Writersgram Publications helped me a lot to nurture my dream and finally I got back my way into writing again.
Tritrishna Ghosh
I loved everything about this publication, the team did great job in clearing all doubts and queries. They were always there for all the problems and I feel myself blessed to be a part of the books published by them.
Best for debut writers. They help from start to end. and even after the release or launch of the book.
Prashant Kumar Shukla

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