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What do we offer?

Empowered with the love and support of writers, we have brought together the following under our publishing house!

Book Publishing

From editing to designing, from printing to distribution and marketing, we have a range of services for authors which we customize as per the requirements of the author.


We have created a community of writers who read and write together on our web-platform to promote the greater good. We offer certain member only exclusive benefits like merchandise, blogging spaces, low cost book publishing to name a few.

Contests & Events

We organize various online and offline writing contests and events to bring together the writing community and keep literature alive.

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What started as a small imprint of our publishing house in the name of QuickReads has now become a powerful community of writers who bring something new and better for the world each day by the way of their writings. To spread their words in tangible forms, we are offering merchandise, blogging and low cost publishing solutions to our community members in the form of #QuickReads

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Book Publishing

Some salient features

Tailor made publishing plan

We will send you what we can offer to you in terms of publishing services, and you can decide what you require based on your needs!

Legal & ISBN

All our books are assigned ISBN and Barcode. A contract is signed before any book is published.

Editing & Designing

By editing, we don't mean just formatting your book. We provide word to word & line to line editing services. We create premium book covers to make your book stand out and typeset our books according to the highest industry standards. Both for the interior of the book and the cover, we provide unlimited rounds of review.

Printing & Distribution

We work with top printing presses in the country and make your book available on all major online and offline retail channels.

Sales & Marketing

We have many marketing options available for you, starting from social media to book launches, book reviews, sponsored advertising, influencer marketing, Amazon credits, giveaways, cashback offers, book tours, press & media releases, author interviews etc.

Royalty & Author Support

We provide 100 % of the profits to the author in terms of royalty on the book.

Value for Money Solutions

Each aspect is covered by us taking into consideration both your budget and requirements. We have crafted our publishing solutions at all fronts in a manner which makes them a value for money proposition.

Covering all Genres

We publish books in all languages, multiple languages. We publish fiction, non-fiction, poetry, eductational & textbooks, thesis, anthologies and everything else you have written.

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What Our Authors Say!

I had a dream which was faraway from me, I kept it in a safe and secured box in my heart and believed someday it would turn into a reality. Writersgram Publications helped me a lot to nurture my dream and finally I got back my way into writing again.
Tritrishna Ghosh
I loved everything about this publication, the team did great job in clearing all doubts and queries. They were always there for all the problems and I feel myself blessed to be a part of the books published by them.
Best for debut writers. They help from start to end. and even after the release or launch of the book.
Prashant Kumar Shukla