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We are millennials in the publishing industry who have curated some of the finest pocket friendly value for money publishing solutions. We have already been in your shoes, and thus we know the hardships you have faced and the solutions you are looking forward to.

For the writer in you, we have created Writersgram Social. It is a community platform for writers who read and write together to promote the greater good. Social offers exclusive benefits like free merchandise, audio & eBook publishing; writing contests & challenges; live sessions to name a few!

Writersgram Shop is our online marketplace which showcases the books, merchandise and audio published by us. It is a bridge between our readers & writers, providing the readers access to a large content and products curated by our writers.

Wait, what?

Let's know a little more about us!

We, at Writersgram Group, have created unlimited possibilites for our readers & writers via our publications, social & shop platforms!


We provide highly customized publishing solutions after studying the requirements of your book. Be it in the terms of editing, designing, beta reading, marketing, offline distribution, events, PR & media, book tours; we have covered it all! If you believe you have written something amazing & exceptional, go ahead and explore how you can publish your book with us. We are looking to publish great content, and have kept no barriers whether monetary or otherwise.


Writing with benefits! This is what social is all about. We reward you for every single piece of content you write and post while you focus on growing your audience. Our platform comes with exclusive features like audio, merchandise and eBook publishing - the three new formats in which you can deliver your content to your readers and simultaneously earn royalty from us! We have also integrated things like contests & challenges, live sessions and workshops to curate a very powerful writing community, which starts with you!


A power packed platform, Writersgram Shop is a one stop shop for our readers. Apart from platforms like Amazon & Flipkart, we distribute our books via our Shop. A unique feature of our Shop is that a reader can read the book he/ she purchases instantly! We also offer a great selection of merchandise which is curated in house by us and our writers via Social. We are the one of the very few platforms who have introduced audio publishing and that, we deliver via our Writersgram Shop! Literature lovers are already lovin' it!

It is more than just publishing. It's all what you are looking for!

Join us today and start curating with us. We are here with you at each step to help you publish your books and other content, to help you grow and reach out to your readers in ways they never imagined. 

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