writersgram anthology super series

Writersgram Group is bringing out this anthology super series. Under this series, we will be curating anthologies in different languages with different themes, almost every month! You have a chance to explore the publishing world by becoming a co-author in these, discover more opportunities, reach out to a large audience and improve your writing skills by working directly under the supervision of our experienced editing team!

Here's what you get in each anthology!


By participating in our anthology series, you become a co-author of a book which is going to reach out to a large audience and helps you earn a name for yourself!

Complimentary Copies

Each book in our anthology series will be published as an eBook, a paperback and audio book. You will be getting a complimentary eBook & paperback copy as a co-author of the book.


To honor your participation and motivate you to write more, we will be presenting a physical certificate of publication which comes in a nice frame ready to be put on your wall!

Current Anthologies!


Prastavana is our signature poetry collection featuring the best of hindi/ urdu poems by new writers. The book will be curated and edited by our editor Rachana Kulshrestha.

Participation Rules & Process:

  • 2 poems in hindi/ urdu language have to be submitted. 
  • The primary content language should be hindi. Use of urdu words in between is allowed.
  • The minimum length of poem should be 16 lines. There is no limit on maximum number of lines.
  • You can submit a new poem, a previously written poem or even a previously published poem. The only condition is that it should be originally written by you.
  • There is no participation fee involved. If your poems are selected for the book, then only you need to pay publishing charges.
  • Publishing charges would be INR 1,000 which would be payable only if your content is selected.

Dates & Timelines:

  • The submission period is from 26/11/2020 to 05/12/2020
  • The poems will be reviewed and selected from 06/12/2020 to 13/12/2020
  • The list of selected writers will be announced on 15/12/2020
  • The book’s publishing work will be carried out between 16/12/2020 to 16/01/2021
  • The book will be released on 31/01/2021

What’s in it for writers:

  • Book will be published as paperback, ebook and audio book and will be available worldwide.
  • Each writer will get a complimentary paperback and eBook copy.
  • Each writer will get a physical certificate of publication which will come in a nice frame, ready to be put on your wall.