Love From Iraq

Love from iraq is a powerful tale of two gaurds. It is written in kiddish manner and in the form of poetry. The two gaurds have a different life until they meet each other, fall in love and fall apart because of society. Bilvana worked as a fisherman. Akram as the head of security department in Iraq. There’s a pretty story behind how Bilvana travel to iraq and meets the love of his life. In between his journey he gets caught for being gay and is being thrown out of Iraq. Akram is a dual person – Shows Bilvana his reality. And for others, he is a different person. But at the moment it comes to Bilvana, he does unpredictable to win his love. There is fun, laugh, love less spoken about, and more of story.
ISBN 9788193819593
Pages 126
Rukayya Zirapur
Rukayya Zirapur is a counselor who has an immense passion for writing. She is a YouTuber as well where she shares her pieces of poetry with the world. The motive of her life is to motivate and inspire people. She also organizes open-mic events to provide a platform to the emerging artists.
You can reach out to the author at [email protected]
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