Everything was perfect, at least for him. Now even a message notification would cheer him up, which was of no importance to him before. Now he spent most of his time with his cellphone. From being Mr. Attitude of college, he had transformed into a lover boy. This was something he had never witnessed or experienced before. This was a great feeling, a never-ending warmth in his heart. These new happenings made his life heaven; after all, it was first time he was experiencing love. He had friends who were his life and now, he had someone who was more than a friend to him. He was happy about his decision to be in love. His life was in full pace and the little emptiness of his heart had been filled by this girl, his love. She loved him, he loved her… his gang was with him… what was more that he could ask from God? Everything was beyond perfect to him, unimaginable. However, as usual, expiry dates of good things are too short. It has been a fear in his mind before accepting this new track of life. Because he knew that his heart was too vulnerable to break. How long can he go to save his perfect life? It has been a question that haunts him every night before sleep, and soon comes again as he opens his eyes in the morning. But in the end, it is all about Realization of self, which is the only thing matters most in the life, which he was going to witness, which he will experience. What a true man is and what is the value of realization, this story is all about it.
ISBN 9788193821527
Pages 224
Dr. Prashant Kumar Shukla
A full-time doctor, who wants to experience everything in life, Dr. Prashant Kumar Shukla is currently working as a doctor in Udaipur and living as a writer. He calls himself a wandering soul trapped in a simple body and loves to travel.
You can reach out to the author at [email protected]
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