The Happy Philosopher

Meet Aina, 21 years old, a girl of many talents, still a misfit for everything. She is beyond the horizons of freedom still chained into worldly expectations. In myriad confusions of life, she is lost but she encounters some out of the blue stories which helped her find what we call “Purpose of Life”. She never stopped following her dreams and eventually dreams started chasing her. She doesn’t own much of the materialistic wealth but she is well off with the intangible treasures. Those who feel she is poor need to read her to know “why they are wrong?” and those who think she is rich should read to find “how she earned that affluence.” For you can’t judge a book by its cover!
ISBN 9788194060512
Pages 152
Akanksha Somani
Akanksha Somani is a Chartered Accountant, a passionate teacher, an artist, a travel junkie and a writer. Her bucket list is long, writing a novel always topped it and ‘The Happy Philosopher’ made it true. With her books, she tries to restore people’s faith in life and in ability of oneself to shine no matter how dark the days are.
You can reach out to the author at [email protected]
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