Two Dots

What if a first time traveler in a metro turns out to be your door step neighbor, the girl for whom you fall hopelessly! You start placing your beliefs in her and she ends up becoming your pilgrimage. Time and again you meet, and time and again you separate. And the connection between you two turns out to be powerful than anything, be it time, destiny or the entire universe. Discover how a hopeless romantic poet falls for a girl who hates love. Find out how their relationship goes through different names and their hearts throb against each other’s. Discover how Akira Khan finds her person in Sameer Raj, and Sameer, his life in Akira Khan. Explore how time took them places, love brought them back, and connected the Two Dots.
ISBN 978819382150
Pages 180
Deepanshu Gupta
Deepanshu Gupta is an author entrepreneur based in New Delhi. He writes about life and motivation through his books and poetry. While entrepreneurship is in his heart, writing keeps him breathing. He is widely followed over social media and his works are read by people across the world.
You can reach out to the author at [email protected]
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