Story behind ‘Muse : Hidden in your hearts, Expressed in my words’ by Vatsala Mishra

What’s inside a book can never be understood completely unless one truly understands the story behind the title of that book! As we are approaching the release of the book ‘Muse : Hidden in your hearts, Expressed in my words’ by Vatsala Mishra, here we are sharing with you all the story behind the title of this book, in author’s own words!

Every human heart and soul is naturally bestowed with humanity. But in dire course of life, it is stripped of it and hypocrisy, hate and bluff, glorified as cleverness are thrust upon it while shunning truth and love as idealistic, impractical ways to live life. However so little, the heart shall never be completely devoid of its innate kindness. When a person attempts to shun the superficial web of thoughts spun and imposed by the world around and embraces their own mind, soul and heart, they introspect, they muse. This book shall make you do the same.

In the depth of the soul, the so found love and fire are universal, they only need to be sparked, sparked by my words, the humanity of your heart and thus the title- “Muse- Hidden in your hearts, expressed in my words”

– Vatsala Mishra

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