Limited Edition Poetry Deal

Here's what all you get?

Our limited edition poetry deal comes with tons of publishing benefits for poets who are looking to publish their books at an affordable price, while getting a range of quality services.

Individual Poetry Book

It is time to get that poetry collection you have always dreamt of and have written with so much hardwork published. This is your individual book!

Limited Edition Styling

We will be giving your book a classic vintage look to revive the feel of a luxurious book. The best part is that it will be a hard-cover book to add that old-school charm.

No Limits

There is no limit or restrictions in terms of language, theme, length of poems. You can have any number of poems in the book, however a minimum of 30 poems is required.

ISBN Allocation

This involves allocation of ISBN number and barcode for the book, as issued by Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN, Department of Higher Education Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

Interior Designing

This involves setting up the interior layouts of the book. We offer flexibility in terms of interior layouts and elements like images, tables, illustrations which can be included inside the book.

Cover Designing

The cover page is designed by us after taking into consideration the ideas of the author which is further developed by our marketing & design teams. We offer unlimited rounds of reviews both in terms of interior and cover, which means we will make as many revisions to designs as required till you are satisfied.

Printing, Sales & Online distribution

We use print on demand technology for online distribution of the book. We sell books via and in India. We offer unlimited inventory support (book never runs out of stock) due to print on demand technology. Inventory management, order management and customer relationship management are included in this.

Royalty, Selling Price and Author Copies

The author is provided an option to set the selling price of the book himself/ herself. We provide a royalty equal to 100% of the profits generated from sales of the book. Under this deal, we will provide 2 complimentary copies to the author Also, author has an option to purchase any number of copies just at the printing cost of the book at any given time.

eBook, Global Audience & Promotions

Not just the physical book, we will also create an eBook of the book and sell & distribute it via our eBook platform Writersgram Shop to your global audience. You will be enrolled in our exclusive marketing newsletter, you will be receiving premium posters for your book alongwith enrollment in free-giveaways to engage your readers.

"No need to wait to get your book published anymore."


We are offering this limited edition poetry book deal for a price of just INR 10,000 2,500 This is valid only till 15th August, 2020.


Frequently Asked Questions

Your book can be in any language, be it English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil or any other. It can also have multiple languages.

Your poetry collection must have a minimum of 30 poems. However, there is no maximum limit. 

Your poetry collection can have any form of poetry. It can also have quotes, couplets, ghazals, sher-o-shayari etc. There are no restrictions on theme. It can have multiple themes too.

As an author, you will get to decide the selling price of your book. You will receive a royalty equal to 100% of the profits of the book. We will provide you 2 complimentary copies of the book. However, you can purchase any number of copies at any time at just the printing cost of the book.

This pricing is valid till 18th July 2020. After this the prices will increase.

No problem! You can still register. Once you register, you can take as long as you require to prepare your collection and submit it.

Once you submit your content it will take upto 90 days to bring it out in the market. Yes, it will take this much time because it is going to be a very fine book, just like your content.

We are offering this deal ie, the discounted prices only to the writers who are really interested in getting their poetry collections published as a book and are confident about their content. Since we get a lot of submissions, the only way to make sure only ‘really interested’ writers avail this is by taking the publishing charges beforehand.

Once you checkout and complete the transaction, you will receive an email containing a signed  publishing agreement,  step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your manuscript, how to send it, what will be the timelines and details about other processes involved.

We are committed to deliver quality content to our readers and one way to make sure that we give this deal to the right writers is this!

You are one step away from getting your book published!

Get started today! Want to discuss something? Use the chat widget and clear your doubts! Make sure to avail the deal this time!