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What all do we publish?

We publish ideas, thoughts and innovations which you writers beautifully compose into a book by weaving them together with your words!

Fiction & Poetry

Whether your stories or poetry are in English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati or any other language, we are ready to publish them!


Young India wants to read about some pressing issues which are shaping the country, and we are always more than interested in publishing such ideas into books.

Educational & Textbooks

We have got you covered for the reference books, course books, wikis, manuals or tech-books that you have written.

Thesis and Projects

Writing a thesis is hard, publishing it should be easy. We have tailor made solutions for thesis and project solutions catering to your specific requirements.

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What all do we offer?

Each book has its unique market and requirements in terms of publishing. We offer custom-made publishing solutions to our authors to meet their specific requirements and budgets.

Particularly, we provide the following!

There are certain core services which every book requires irrespective of Author’s requirements. For example, ISBN allocation, interior layouts, cover designing, printing, distribution, sales & inventory management, author support etc.

Editing Services

For us, editing a book is a three-step process. Firstly, the books are reviewed by a panel for content and structure and suggestions are shared with the author. Next, editors work on the book for grammar and other content related corrections. And lastly proofreading is done to minimize the chances of any errors

Distribution & Sales

We distribute books via Amazon, Flipkart and this website. Apart from this, we participate in book fairs, we take up books in offline stores, libraries organize events in colleges as per the requirements of the author. On Amazon, 90% of our titles are distributed through the Amazon prime mode!


We have a lot of marketing options which we follow, like teaser videos, author interviews, book reviews, posters, book theme campaigns, reader engagement campaigns, affiliate network to name a few! Marketing is scalable to all levels depending upon author requirements.


Our publishing charges start from Rs. 5,000. As the requirements of the author and the necessity of the book increases, the prices also vary!

To get published with us and have a detailed discussion about the same, please fill out the form using the button below. We shall get back to you within 5 working days!

But, that’s not it. Now get your first book published in just Rs. 500.

Yes, we have a separate imprint for the DIY authors who wish to get their books published with minimal intervention at a low cost. Read more about and register for QuickReads using the button below!

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