Plethora Blogazine

International Literary Journal of Prose & Poetry

Plethora is the candid expression of a literary journey in abundance. It is an endeavour to fracture the shells of coyness and bring out in upfront the true feelings of human emotions through verses, prose and stories that shall touch the deeper core of yours making you want to read more.

Plethora does not depict any pessimistic thought about feminism but it does speak and express gallantly about the female desires, her feelings and emotions that often remain confined within the four walls of her existence. Plethora also reflects the aura of womanhood and feminine energy that dwells in her presence through her diversified roles within this universe.

Yet however, Plethora is not solely about female desires or her innermost feelings; it vividly reflects the importance of her opposite in her journey and depicts the beauty they create together in their purposeful existence as each other’s soul mate or lovers.

Therefore this Blogazine is dedicated to give shape to myriad unspoken, unheard love and romance tales,  from around India and across the globe through its literary voyage. But it shall also homage those untouched themes, genres and sub genres with eclectic voices that are still waiting to be heard with narrative styles that will grab our attention. A sanctuary for all those who have this passion burning inside of them to create intriguing, captivating tales that have a contemporary or classic appeal, Plethora welcomes all genre of writers.

An author of three books, a mother of two, and to top it all an entreprenuer, Monalisa Joshi is the Founder & Chief Editor of Plethora Blogazine. With a major in English Literature, she feels deeply inspired by Elizabethan poetry and Victorian women poets like Christina Rossetti. She loves to write ballads and folklores and is currently working on her fourth book as well.