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We publish books across all major languages and genres. So be it a book in Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Urdu or any other language, we publish them all. Whether you have written a poetry book, a novel, a non-fiction, a technical book, or any other form of writing; we publish them all.

We also collaborate with communities and organizations to fulfill their specific publishing requirements, thus you can contact us for the same.

Publishing Plan

One Plan for all your needs

At Writersgram we have created just one single publishing plan for all your publishing needs. You no longer need to get confused between multiple plans.

One Plan.
All your publishing needs.

Our plan is divided into three parts so that you can select what all you require to publish your book.


Core Basic services




marketing & promotions

Core Basic Services

ISBN & Barcode

ISBN & Barcode is allotted to the book as issued by Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN, Department of Higher Education Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

Format of Book

We publish your book in all three formats; paperback, hardcover & eBook.

Book Interior Design

We offer flexibility in terms of interior layouts and elements like images, tables, illustrations can be included inside the book. While we offer flexibility in terms of book size and paper type to be used, we follow best industry practices in terms of typset of the book i.e, interior layouts.

Book Cover Design

The cover page is designed by us after taking into consideration the ideas of the author which is further developed by our marketing & design teams. We provide 3 cover options to choose from, which are created after working closely on the idea you have in mind.


Unlimited rounds of revision of content are allowed before the book gets published. Revisions after the book gets published are chargeable.

Printing & Inventory

We offer unlimited inventory support (book never runs out of stock) due to print on demand technology and our tie-ups with several printing presses across India and world.

Distribution Channels

In the Indian domestic market, the book is sold in paperback & hardcover format on Amazon & Writersgram Shop. The eBook is distributed via Writersgram Shop. This also includes Amazon Prime listing.


Royalty equal to 100% of the profits on sale of each copy is provided to the author. Author is given the option to fix the selling price & profit amount. Royalty payments are made on 45-60 day period basis.

Complimentary Copies

3 complimentary copies (1 in each format) are provided. Additional copies are always available at printing cost itself to the author.

Basic Marketing

We provide initial marketing posters and a marketing guide to the authors under the core basic services which help you to start the promotion of your book. Advanced marketing is covered separately.


We have a dedicated support channel where you can raise tickets for your queries. We have also created a project management system wherein you can keep an eye on the progress of your work on a real time basis.

Time Period

The time taken to publish the book depends upon the additional services you select and the length of your content. Generally it remains within 45-90 days.


Stage 1

In this stage, the content is sent to a review team which consists of general readers, language experts and one subject related expert. The collective inputs received from them help us to gain a better understanding of the content from three points of views, first the commercial, second the grammatical/ language and third, the subject. The suggestions of the review team are shared with the author using which author can modify or further develop the content as necessary.

Stage 2

In this stage, the book is sent to our editorial team out of which one editor is assigned to the book to work on the language part, which involves general aspects like spellings, punctuation, overall grammar etc. Thereafter it is sent to a second editor to make sure nothing is left out.

Stage 3

In this stage, the book is assigned to proofreading team to proofread the book from the first to the last word, thus minimizing any chances of errors or mistakes in the book.

Online Marketing


Our marketing team studies the various aspects of the book and prepares a marketing strategy. We review the content, the target audience, the tools to be used and the timelines. Once the strategy is worked out, the design team works on the creatives like posters and videos while the marketing team works on the campaigns and calendars.

Tools & Medium

We use various tools & medium to promote the books in the online space like Premium Posters & Videos for social media, sponsored advertising & SEO tools, Gift Cards & Discount Codes, Giveaway campaigns & Book Reviews, Beta Readers to name a few. We leverage all major social media channels by targeting the right audience for your book.


The duration of the marketing campaign depends upon the time period selected by the author. It ranges from 30 to 120 days.

Add Ons

Amazon Kindle

You can choose the Kindle Add On to distribute your book as an eBook via Amazon Kindle as well.

International Distribution

You can choose the International Distribution Add On to distribute your book worldwide in both paperback & hardcover format via major online retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The book gets distributed worldwide via over 39,000 retailers.

Offline Distribution

We have tie ups with over 50 independent bookstores and bookstore chains in India like Crosswords, Oxford etc. We have also started partnering up with bookstores at airports and railway stations. The books are displayed in these stores at prominent shelves. Also, the author has an option to organize a book signing session at any of the stores where the book is available and interact with his/ her readers. We participate in various book-fairs and literature festivals held across the country like Delhi International Book Fair, etc. The books shall also be kept for sale in these events and author can visit the fair to interact with the readers and organize a session. We also send books to various libraries, universities and cafes on a demand basis.

PR & Media Coverage

We target book release, book review, author interview in major print & digital publications. We currently target Times of India, The Statesman, Hindustan Times, Sakal Times, New Indian Express, Guardian, News Popx, Mint, Decan Herald, Hindu, The Telegraph, Indian Express, The Tribune, Trinity Mirror, Asian Age, Social Samosa, Mail Today, DNA, India Today Magazine, Free Press Journal, Sunday Standard Magazine etc in major cities.

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