A brief background

As a writer, you must have always wondered how you can earn a little something out of such beautiful creations you create on a daily basis. As a publishing house, Writersgram Publications always aspired to be the platform for writers where they can see themselves grow, read and recognized. While we are into the business of publishing books, we feel a responsibility towards writers at large to create a platform where all the concerns are collectively addressed and the benefits of the platform can be enjoyed by each writer without having to invest their life savings! Thus, we have created our imprint ‘QuickReads’

What do you get?

# Your blogging space on writersgram.com

  • You can be a part of our writing community and start blogging on our website, having your own writing space.
  • We are a multi-lingual community, thus there are no language restrictions.

# Your own series of merchandise

  • Well, we are providing each writer with their own series of merchandise ie, notebooks, mugs, posters, t-shirts etc with their quotes/ writings printed on it.
  • We will be designing, manufacturing and fulfilling all the merchandise and you just have to share your writings with us and receive royalty on the sale that happens.
  • We will pay 50% of the profits to the writer on merchandise.

# Your own book

  • We will publish a book of upto 50 pages for you. The book can have your 50 best writeups, any poetry, short stories. It can have multiple kind of content, in multiple languages on multiple themes, as long as it is approximately of 50 pages.
  • Our aim is to make sure more and more writers can get advantage of our program, and thus we will be distributing the book via our website only.
  • But, we will be providing unlimited inventory support (thanks to our tie-ups with our printing presses). So be it 100 copies or 100,000 copies, we will fulfill all the sales at no extra charges.
  • You shall be solely responsible for editing of this book. We are however always available to help you out and make reviews and edits.
  • We have given an identity to QuickReads! We will take care of the interior and cover designs, making sure whenever a reader holds the book, they can tell in the first look itself that it is a QuickReads!
  • Also, we will be paying 50 % of the profits on each book sold to the writers.

Fee for the program

There is a ONE TIME FEE of Rs. 500 to be paid for all of the above. There is no additional fee to be paid for anything mentioned above, just this one time fee of Rs. 500.